Our Story

Luxe Ladies Wardrobe started out as an Instagram fashion page: @LuxeLadiesInFashion in 2018. Growing to 10k followers within a few months, it was time to turn the content into a fashion blog. The blog was successful, but it was in that moment the owner knew it was time to go even bigger and launch an e-commerce store. Luxe Ladies Wardrobe began with jewelry, then expanded to clothing. Our main focus is increasing awareness and building a community, while helping you formulate the perfect wardrobe.

Our Mission

Luxe Ladies Wardrobe is for women that take pride in their appearance and love fashionable looks. They are typically the best dressed in their crew, and do so effortlessly. Our designs consist of unique & captivating pieces allowing you to focus on your trendsetting looks and an expensive looking wardrobe. Our motto is to work less and slay more. You won't find any basic or overpopulated designs here, just a taste of luxury . We understand that you are here to set the trends, for others to follow them. 

Our Purpose

The meaning of luxury differs for every individual. Whatever you determine that meaning to be, our brand will provide that feeling of luxury for you. Luxe Ladies Wardrobe bestows a sense of importance by boosting the charisma of the wearer. Not only will you feel more attractive, but you will be perceived as an attraction - like that exhibit everyone went to the gallery to view. Our brand is fun, trendsetting, and influential. That’s what we represent & so will you. Let's go set these trends.

Our Brand Values


What you see is what you get with us. Our content will always showcase our items exactly how they are - no extra editing involved, because it's not needed.


We stand by everything we say, and this is why we honor it. All of our policies were prepared with the customer in mind, so you never have to second guess anything.


One of our most important values is to maintain a professional demeanor at all costs. We can guarantee you will always be handled with the utmost respect.


Sometimes you just want an answer to your question. Maybe you have a circumstance that our policy pages or Frequently Asked Questions can't answer. You can rest assured that we will respond to you as soon as we can, but never to exceed more than 24 hours.

Attention to Detail

Our brand represents a feeling of luxury. And with that, we know that you expect a reliable and dependable brand. With every item, there are a pair of eyes that inspect your garment or jewelry item from top to bottom. Nothing goes unnoticed.

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